WACKER T3000 - Lucky-Silicone a product by Wacker Chemie AG


Eco-friendly Hybrid Adhesive for Floor

WACKER T3000 has obtained global patent and is made possible by GENIOSIL® STP-E hybrid technology. T3000 is an adhesive for plywood and hardwood flooring with excellent durability and environmental friendliness.

Product Poperties
Characteristics T3000
Minimum cure time
460 mins. (Temperature 23℃, Humanity 50%)
Adjustable time
2 hours
Walkable time
After 12 hours
Specific gravity
approx. 40 Shore-A
Packing 15㎏/Pail

Product features

  • 1K type, no need to work on additional mixing process
  • Due to an elastic adhesive, it helps to reduce inter-floor noise
  • Firstly recommended parquet adhesives from Korea Atopy Association

Available colors (other colors can be ordered)


The colors shown on this page may differ with actual colors of product and so make sure of the actual color from our sales representative prior to your purchase.

Range of application

  • Light Commercial Sheet adhesive
  • For bonding wood flooring
  • For Ondol(plywood) floor bonding

Telephone Contact

You can call us at ARS 1599-3790